Netflix’s true crime docuseries, This is a Robbery, examines the shocking unsolved art heist committed on March 17, 1990 in Boston. The assailants stole 13 masterpieces worth over $500 million.

13 crypto artists have reimagined the missing artwork.

This is a Robbery is streaming now, only on Netflix.

Landscape with Obelisk

Govaert Frinck

Countryside with Obelisk


Chez Tortoni

Eduard Manet

Cherchez Laghost


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


Portrait of the Lost Artist into the Metaverse


A Lady and Gentleman in Black


A Twig and Bough in Black


Studies for the Programme I

Edgar Degas

Study of Artistic Soiree I


Studies for the Programme II

Edgar Degas

Study of Artistic Soiree II


Napoleonic Bronze Finial

Eagle Finial



Ancient Chinese Gu

Shang Dynasty

Ancient Gu of Change


The Storm on the Sea of Galilee


The Storm on the Sea of Money


Procession on a Road near Florence

Edgar Degas

Procession on a Road to a Crypt near Florence


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